Saturday, 24 November 2012


                                           KTB "RENEGADE VIBES" Prod by.KNETIK

I heard of Knetik threw Nem One ....and funny thing is i heard the beat tape and this was my fav beat....well any way Nem comes threw with this beat maybe a couple weeks after i heard it, which was dope!

And yeah thats Brooke Shields getting

"RENEGADE VIBES" Prod by.KNETIK will be on Falconry.....

Check out Knetik's Beat Tape "No Signal"

Knetik - No Signal [Beat Tape]  (Download)


Wednesday, 21 November 2012


                                        KTB "Just Like Me" prod by.SOUL
Wow! The past 3 months have been wild...... but if it weren't i guess life would be pretty boring right?....

 it's 7:40 and im watching the Cosby episode wit the fake Reggae dude lol funny shit!!! anyway let me get back to it....

"Just Like Me" is off a project im working on. sorta like an im sorry for the delay of Falconry so take this project  (i should just call it that)
It's unfinished but i liked it so i figured why not share it with the people....

More Ish Coming.......